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GEMMA at Cersaie-Bologna 2009

03 October 2009
Gemma is glad to announce it's yearly presence and participation in the most famous ceramic exhibition "Cersaie" attended by the most significant ceramic & porcelain tile manufacturers worldwide.

Carried out at Bologna, Italy each year at the same timing from the 29th of September till the 3rd of October bringing together all the major producers of the field, exhibiting their latest collections and creations bringing beauty into the world, spreading inspirations, creativity, art and new ideas.

In an invitation to experience "Gemma's unlimited inspirations from all over the world," Gemma carried out a four day "Fusion event" introducing it's 2009 new collection. The theme was derived from the merger of the four continents Africa, Europe, Asia and America, applied on the whole atmosphere ranging from the invitations, colors, music, menus and the whole display. Each continent was represented by one of it's famous flowers with a special color resembling beauty all over the world.

The continent Africa was represented by the Strelitzia flower known as The Bird of Paradise; a typical African flower known for its beauty with its orange color; the color of warmth and fortune symbolizing pride and prosperity. The continent Europe was represented by the flower Iris bringing faith, wisdom and cherished friendship and hope into life portrayed with its violet color bringing peace of mind and spirituality.

The continent Asia was represented by the Chrysanthemum flower with its yellow color associated bringing joy and happiness into the world Last but not least, the fourth day was dedicated to the continent America, represented by the Alpinia flower originally from Tropical America with its warm red color, the color of love and passion Visitors were delighted by the theme, living a daily unique experience exposed to the latest trends and designs.

Gemma has always succeeded in the global market with its extensive range of products for both commercial and residential use. For the sake of satisfying its regular and prospect clients, Gemma has been continuously fostering its leadership whilst sustaining growth in the global market, by reaching production levels exceeding 19 million square meters of high quality single fired ceramic and porcelain tiles, and a selection of matching decorative tiles.

Gemma well known as a trend setter in the industry is always keen on presenting the best quality and the most innovative designs to it's selective clientele meeting their tastes and various needs and demand.