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GEMMA Launches it's new ceramic tiles "40x80"

01 January 2010
Gemma is proud to launch it's new ceramic tiles size of "40x80" as part of it's new 2010 collection.

With it's unconventional size, "40x80," produced for the first time in the Egypt, each serie is considered a true addition to Gemma's unique and innovative designs inspired from different materials such as wood, wall paper and marble.

Unlike most ceramic tiles, the 40x80 tiles introduces a variety of new usages . It could be installed in claddings, restaurants, clubs, summer houses and much more. It also has the edge of giving small areas a much more spacious feeling when installed.

Gemma persists on bringing to it's selective clientele a unique addition to it's line of products satisfying their various needs of design and decoration, bringing different sizes and materials to their finger tips.