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GEMMA Ceramics Introduces the 2010 Collection

18 March 2010
On March 18th, GEMMA unveiled its 2010 Collection, uniting art with technology to create a line of ceramic tiles of exceptional beauty and quality. GEMMA is a trendsetter, alert to the trends of world-class interior design, but also the rich decorative traditions of our region and beyond. This year we offer unconventional interpretations of classic themes.
Our Walls collection of the New series is inspired by Nature, with elegant floral arabesques and echoes of sand and stone. Like the floors collection, it revives the glamour of the Orient Express, the train that once ran from Paris to Istanbul, refashioning Ottoman and Deco motifs into striking new designs. Taken together, the 2010 series forms a tapestry of unexpectedly life-like textures and jeweled palettes.

We are proud of our latest creations because they were produced in a our new facility where the technology of ceramic production reaches new heights. From the metallic sheen of ‘Anthracite’, the drift-wood tones of ‘Malibu’, the romantic pastels of ‘Melrose’, the sinuous delicacy of ‘Corallo’ and ‘Callista’, or the vivid blossoms of ‘Gardenia’, our 2010 collection pays homage to Nature’s diversity but also to technological achievements. At GEMMA beauty and style are carefully matched with know-how and durability.
We hope you will fully appreciate our 2010 collection. More than an integral feature of interior design, GEMMA ceramics reflect your contemporary lifestyle: Confidence, cultured and satisfied with nothing but the best.