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Gemma Ceramics Exhibition 2010

20 March 2010
Each Spring, Gemma Ceramics renews its commitment to beauty and excellence with an exhibition of its latest collection. The Cairo Marriott provided a regal setting for our March 18th launch. Friends and associates from 54 countries attended the gathering, celebrating Gemma’s achievements and its trend-setting influence on international interior design.

The exhibition, now on display at our Mohandeseen showroom, demonstrates the power of ceramics to create ambiance. It was assembled like a journey to the places that inspired the collection and its three special lines.

The ‘Orient Express’ line transports us to a breezy Parisian bistro; a sophisticated Viennese coffee house; and a luxurious Turkish bath in Istanbul. The sleek ‘Gallery of Stone’ features textures drawn from Nature, with a minimalist appeal reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden. The unconventional ‘Sparkle Line’ blends crystals with ceramics to lend interiors a cinematic éclat.

Gemma’s 2010 exhibition showcases dynamic designs that could only be realized with advanced technologies. The manufacturing facility that began operating in 2009 has placed Gemma at the forefront of the ceramics industry. With 40 percent of our production now reaching the export market, Gemma is transforming interiors on a global scale.

We invite you to come see for yourself how Gemma Ceramics can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home and workplace, the settings of a valued lifestyle with its windows open to the world.