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Gemma launches phase II to it's New collection

06 September 2011
Gemma was proud to celebrate the launch of it's  2011 new collection displaying the latest developments and novelty in design.

In an exhibition held during the holy month of Ramadan, Gemma celebrated this special event like every year with the presence of  it's Egyptian and foreign clientele including distributors and interior designers.

Using the experience of it's selected foreign and Egyptian team of designers and technicians, Gemma displayed it's latest models among which is the latest Digitile collection produced using the latest development in digital printing.  Models were mostly inspired by Nature displaying   the glamour and richness of marble with it's unlimited patterns and faces to the natural feel of stone with it's natural shades and high and low surfaces,  granting  customers  the exact look and feel of nature.

The collection was mainly tailored to fit customers needs and dreams furnishing their homes from summer houses to city homes being applicable to  all areas of your space including  living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens,  external areas, even external claddings.

Gemma  insists on keeping it's clientele updated with the latest in the world of art and fashion using all it's capacities in research, design and technology to serve you with the best quality and latest designs.

To view the collection, visit us at Mohandeseen showroom 35 Lebanon st. Mohadeseen.