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New Collection 2012

12 April 2012
Celebrating Summer.. A unique mix of vibrant designs, inspired by nature’s astounding warmth and diversity..
GEMMA has Launched its New Collection..  With Summer coming in, our designs truly embrace the vibrant spirit of the season.. Colorful tiles and genuine textures of stone, wood and sand, that simply speak summer.. Sensational, energetic patterns fill these tiles with color and life.. A stunning range of designs to capture the essence of summer in your home all year long.. The collection comprises over .. different patterns to choose from, ranging from bright, lively tiles, to a whole variety of stone tiles that reflect the warmth and diversity of nature..
This year we’ve presented our new collection in a showroom exhibition that captivated our dealers from all over the world.. They came to visit a fully-furnished Lounge; from the Spa room, the living space, to the sauna area, outfitted with floor and wall tiles, to the smallest details of home accessories and furniture, our tiles were met with admiration and awe.. This summer, Make your home the height of fashion with stunning styles designed to reflect the textures of nature..