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New Designs push GEMMA’s sales up.. 2012 First Half witnesses a surge in both Local and International Sales..

05 September 2012

After launching GEMMA’s New Collection earlier this year, company sales rose up by 25%, compared to last year, clearly reflecting clients increased trust in GEMMA’s Quality products.. The collection was met with awe and respect of an esteemed clientele that only appreciates the best..  This year new designs were produced promptly upon launch, offering our customers a stunning range of designs, ranging from bright, lively tiles, to a whole variety of stone tiles that reflect the warmth and diversity of nature..

This August, GEMMA adds to its production capacity by investing in a new, state-of-the-art inkjet machine, besides adding a new production line to our manufacturing facilities.. An addition that enhances our production of unconventionally formatted tiles of exceptional durability..

Today, sophisticated production methods have allowed us to recreate the textures of stone, wood, pebbles, and sand.. This shows in GEMMA’s latest designs, inspired by nature’s astounding warmth and diversity.. Visit our showrooms now, and re-invent your house with stunning styles designed to mimic nature’s wonders..