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GEMMA launches 2013 Collection..

04 April 2013
Indulge In Luxury..

The 2013 Luxury collection articulates nature’s astounding warmth and diversity; fully

indulged with culture, tradition, richness and muse.. For GEMMA’s valued customer,

our 19-model collection offers Endless possibilities, inspired by both nature’s purity and

our cherished cultural identity.. With Distinction in mind, our designs vary from the most

Exquisite Stone tiles, Genuine Marbles, Lavish Wood, To the latest trends in patterns,

textures, and shades, All tailored to GEMMA’s Distinct Client.. And for the first time

ever, the Luxury collection features the iconic ‘Kaff’ and blue Stones. Over centuries,

these icons have been perceived as warm tokens of protection, wellbeing and strength..